I felt like I got into a really good rhythm of posting when I was working on the Homeschooling Blog Hop and now I'm posting just to post. I've been enjoying blogging, a lot, and I also recently left Facebook. I don't have tons more free time, but I have less emotional stress. Adam and I recently read this story by Rolf Dobelli that made me start to think about the emotional and mental toll my five-minute Facebook breaks were having on me.

So, I just felt like writing to write, and thought I'd give a brief overview of some things in my life. That article is one recent highlight. Another is that I'm finally reading Crunchy Cons by Rod Dreher after enjoying his work over at The American Conservative for quite some time. I've been aware of the existence of the book for a few years but have just now actually started reading it. So far, pretty good!

I took the boys to the WVU Farms Kiddie Days on Wednesday and they had a blast. Sam was excited to go "talk to sheep."

I'm going to bed and despite the shortness of this post, my final thought is that the other thing I'm working on (intellectually) right now is attention span, to counteract all the damage I've done with social media and like things. Sitting down to read something for more than five minutes, because it's good and not because I feel addicted to it, is nice.

Anyway, g'night, internets! Aw, it's like xanga days.