Aw, yay! An interview I did about my kids' names was featured on one of my favorite blogs! 

It's here: 

Ren's Baby Name Blog

Also, I'm getting ready to do a blog hop with some other blogging moms. We're doing a month-long series about homeschooling, starting April 2nd. We'll be posting every Tuesday and Thursday and we're covering a few different topics: 

1. A day in the life
2. How do you organize your day?
3. Why or how did you get started?
4. Homeschooling styles and/or curriculum choices
5. What didn't work for you?
6. My biggest frustration.....
7. How do I feel about socialization?
8. Blogger's choice

The perspectives the group of us will cover should vary-- some of us have preschoolers, some have teens or adult children, some have elementary or middle schoolers, and all of us have different styles and family lives and schedules. If you're thinking about homeschooling or have just always been curious about what it's like, check back here on Tuesday for my first post and links to the other six ladies and their blogs!

Finally, now redirects to my new URL, . Squee! I have a subdomain of my husband's website while he decides what to do with his domain. 

So. Excited. About. Baby. Name. Blog.

Some of that might be because of other big news-- my sister is having a baby! Yay! YAAAAAY!