This is post number three of a five-post story about Relationship with Self for a series on Biblical Relationships. This picks up from where Tuesday left off.

So, I was unhappy and talked about how much God hated me. I genuinely felt like either He'd messed up while making me, or had done it on purpose to make me miserable.

My parents responded with a lot of love without making a big deal about it-- they gave some and required some. I still had to wear dresses for nice events and church, but I was allowed to play sports. My mom let me shop in the boys' side of the Kid's Gap, but also bought me make-up. I told an aunt several times that I would get married-- if I ever did-- in a hockey jersey. She always tried to talk me out of it, but my mom never said much about declarations like this.

My parents didn't take me to psychologists or insist on buying girly toys. I remember them reminding me that I was a girl even if I didn't like it, and that God loved me, but it never went much further than that. They didn't ban me from "gender inappropriate pretend play."

I wasn't romantically attracted to other girls. I was infatuated by men and masculinity-- I largely disregarded and despised women and couldn't stand the idea that I was one. My perception of myself, along with my discomfort with my own body, didn't lessen until I was around 12 and a major family event distracted me from my constant introspection, and didn't really change until I was 17 and rededicated my life to Christ. And that was also preceded by a lot of junk and depression (though those things weren't specifically related to gender).

I love being a woman now. I see value in myself and other women. I don't mind the occasional dress and I like to look cute. I'm glad I'm not the man in my marriage.

But I still like shorts, I never wear make-up or put "gunk" in my hair. I still prefer sneakers to "cute" shoes. I no longer wish I was a boy, but I'm not super "girly" either. But I am content with who I am after hating myself for years.

I told my mom while we were talking about this that I was grateful that I didn't grow up with doctors always giving me the impression that something was "wrong" with me or my brain.

I also said, and believe, that a lot of my discontent and unhappiness with my biological gender was wrapped up in rebellion and an incredibly low self-worth. My perception of myself didn't really change until I both accepted Christ's love for me and truly began to view myself the way He saw me. I have a St. Augustine quote tacked up on my wall that goes, "Thou hast made us for thyself, O Lord, and our heart is restless until it finds its rest in thee." I was restless apart from Christ.

Check back tomorrow for the next, and last, part of the story! Friday will be the final post-- an interview with my mom.


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