The boys took turns telling me stories tonight, complete with motions to turn imaginary book pages. It was bedtime so you can tell by the end that they're winding down. :)

Sam started off with this:

An angel was in a gray road. He was standing there. He said "no!" He said no to the cow. The cow was there. The angel was helping the cow. He was helping the cow eat. The cow was eating strawberries? No! The cow was eating leaves. Leaves and cookies. The angel was there. He was helping him. The angel said "yes!" on the road. He was helping Jesus. And Peter and Moses. And Jesus. The angel was helping them. They were planting, digging in the dirt. Planting onions. The end. Close the book.

Sam, again: Another story. Open the book. Dogs. Lots of dogs. In the dark. There it is. It's called Lainey. Lainey is little. And Liam is playing with play-dough. The dogs are sleeping in the dark. Close the book. The end.

And another from Sam: Open the book. Another story. Here you go. Blankets. Sam and Theo and Mama and Daddy's blankets. The blankets sleep. Close the book. The end.

Théoden takes a turn: Let's open a book. An angel is in a puddle. In the water. The angel poops in the water in the bathtub. The angel says "cars." Then the angel pees. There's a box. And a ball. And a wall. There's water. Now close the book. The end.

Théoden again: Open the book. Cars. The car says "drive drive." The car goes to NiNi's house. And Aunt Anne's house. And then Graypaw's brown house. Then to another house. The car says "it's dark." The car goes home. Now that is the end. Close the book.

Sam, to finish: Open the book. Big pages. Trucks. They drive all the way to NiNi's house. The trucks talk. They say, "You. A. B. C. D. E. F. Z H I J L M N O M O M O M O Z M O P." Close the book. The end.