This is the third post in a month-long Tuesday/Thursday series about homeschooling that I'm doing with a group of other moms who blog.

So, first of all, this post might be a little disorganized. It's 11:01pm at the start of writing and we've had a busy (good kind of busy!) day and I'm just now getting around to typing up some thoughts on this.

A lot of the moms in this blog hop started today's posts (privilege of late writing: I read everyone else's stuff first, ha) with something along the lines of, "I never thought I'd homeschool," or "I had no idea what it was," and followed with, "God told me to," or "God changed my heart."

I thank God for those Abrahams of a generation before me, called out of Haran and the land of the Chaldeans. That step away from the familiar into the unknown was one that paved the way for people like me, who might receive similarly crazy-sounding calls to something else at some point, built on the foundation of the steps of faith before.

I'm, I think, officially the youngest member of this particular blog hop. My kids aren't even technically old enough for "regular" preschool, but I already know we're homeschooling when they are. We already "do school" every day. And I was homeschooled.

I went to public school and then did half a year of private school and then after second grade, never went back. I've since finished college, for those of you wondering if that's still an option for homeschooled-through-high school kids.

My husband was homeschooled for all but half of a second grade year and high school. We come from a tradition of homeschooling and that makes it something more comfortable and less scary for us, I suppose. We've still seriously considered real reasons to homeschool beyond the fact that it is familiar, but I know neither of us have had to struggle through the decision to do something we never thought we'd do when it came to homeschooling our kids.

Because it's late and I'm tired and can always write more later, I will give a brief overview of reasons we are homeschooling (please remind me if you're interested in these further and I will write more/find links for you):

  • To have the time to instill a Biblical foundation in our kids
  • To give our kids even more opportunity to see us live our faith and learn to love each other
  • The American school system is, as a whole, academically failing our nation's children
  • Bullying isn't something you should "learn" to "live with"
  • To help our kids spend time with what they love to do
  • The 8-3 "at a desk" model of education is physically unhealthy
Anyway, this almost doesn't count as Tuesday anymore, ha, but some thoughts to read, however scattered. What say you? 

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