So, hi everybody! I was reading back over some older blog posts and thought I'd give some updates:

I have only tried making bread once, in my bread machine, and it was a nearly total failure. I'm going to try again soon, though.

I have gotten a lot better at trying new recipes! They don't intimidate me nearly as much and are comfortably part of our regular meal rotation now. We've found a lot of things we really enjoy eating that way! In fact, my "go-to meals" from two years ago is an almost completely different list from my go-to meals now. Working on incorporating that into my baking, too!

The boys are sixteen months old and have a sibling on the way. :)

Samuel loves flowers and plants. He points them out excitedly everywhere-- books, real life, the computer, tv shows, etc.

Théoden loves lights and light switches, and convincing us to turn them on and off for him.

They're both babbling away and starting to say some words more clearly. They love books.

I'm posting semi-regularly on my other blog, The Grainery ( but only to keep track of books I've read this year. I should be updating that again soon, because I'm only a few hours away from the end of an audiobook and then should be working through some other books pretty quickly after that. (A few hours from the end of a twenty-nine hour audiobook, I should note, so "a few hours" really is almost the end.)

So, not really much, just a quick update on some things. :)