I had a thought this morning while I was feeding the little boys their breakfast. I've been seeing a lot of friends from church post pictures of their kid's first day at school and every time I hear about a five or six year old shipped off to spend the entire day away from home, it makes me a little sad. Sure, lots of people "survive" the public school system and are just fine, but I've personally seen what a benefit homeschooling can be.

So, I was thinking, "Do they even know why they send their kids to school like this? Do they even realize what the school system in America is rooted in? Do they know what John Dewey even said about this school system he helped create?"

And then I was struck by a thought; nay, a conviction.

I find myself more willing to engage in conversations about homeschooling with Christians than I ever find myself in conversations with the unsaved about Christ.

It was so startling and such an obvious wrong that it shook me a bit. I'm still praying. I need to change my attitude about this and the way I approach all of my conversations. I don't want to stop talking about homeschooling, but I think it's become way out of balance for me.

Homeschooling is great, but homeschooling didn't save me.

Homeschooling didn't pull me out of the pit of death.

Homeschooling isn't the Rock on which I stand.

Homeschooling doesn't give me a joy that strengthens my limbs.

Homeschooling doesn't mend my wounded heart.

Homeschooling doesn't rescue and redeem and reconcile those around me.

Homeschooling a good way to live, but homeschooling is not the Way, the Truth, and the Life.

What about you? What do you find yourself talking about more, and more easily?